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Corporate Governance – portrayed in the individual cultural and legal framework, from the standpoint of equity capital.

VIPsight is a dynamic photo archive, sorted by nations and dates, by and for those interested in CG from all over the world.

VIPsight offers, every month:
transparent and independent current information / comments / facts and figures on corporate governance locally and internationally,

  • written by local CG experts,
  • selected and structured by the Club of Florence,
  • financed by its initiator VIP and other sponsors with a background of “Equity and Advisory” interests.

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Capital News

CANCOM has secured fresh money from an investor. The IT service provider has fully placed and thus successfully completed the capital increase announced on 25 October.  As a press release showed, the Group’s share capital was increased by €1,039,075. The proceeds of €11.4 million will be used for organic and inorganic growth of the group. The issue price stood at eleven euros. Accordingly, all new shares were placed with Johann Vielberth. The Regensburg entrepreneur wants to support the growth of CANCOM as anchor shareholder and hold the shares purchased in the capital increase for the long term, it was said.